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Quality endures!

Few companies demonstrate the truth of this claim better than Fleischmann. Fleischmann was founded in 1887 by Jean Fleischmann in the German city of Nuremberg. Today, almost 125 years later, its modern company headquarters are located in neighbouring Heilsbronn, less than 30 kilometers away from Nuremberg. “German Excellence” heads off around the world from here.

Drawing on its many years of experience Fleischmann offers an extensive range of model railway products including railway vehicles, tracks and accessories in the H0 and N gauges - the German company has been producing model railways since 1938. Fleischmann forges ahead with pioneering innovations. One milestone in this respect is the Z21 control system that for the very first time ever links the virtual and real game world raising the play value of model railways to a level as yet unheard of.

Under Modelleisenbahn München GmbH Fleischmann is part of the Modelleisenbahn Holding GmbH, to which the Austrian manufacturer Roco also belongs.


Quality that is proven and certified. Constructions thought out right down to the last detail and the strictest quality controls ensure that all railway enthusiasts will be able enjoy their models for a long time to come. Top engineering and craftsmanship skills combine to create small masterpieces. Just to give you an example, a locomotive in the N gauge measuring only a few centimeters, is put together from around 200 individual high-precision parts.
Fleischmann works in compliance with strict quality assurance guidelines that encompass the whole production process. No product ever leaves the factory before it has undergone an extensive final control. The fact that the Modelleisenbahn München GmbH facility in Arad was the first factory in the model railway branch to receive ISO 9001 certification from the German DQS is further proof of the priority given to quality at Fleischmann.
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