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The "Jumbo" among the steam locos!


The "Jumbo" among the steam locomotives!

After the merger of the German Länderbahnen to the German Reichsbahn Gesellschaft in the 1920s, a programme for standard locomotives was developed. It also had a new five-coupled goods train locomotive listed. Ten model locomotives of the series 43 and ten model locomotives of the series 44 were procured and later tested.
In the end, the three-cylinder series 44 was the winner. However, no more locomotives were procured because the high axle load was suitable only for a few routes. Only starting in 1937, when the demands on train traction became even tougher, this locomotive went into series production and was procured in large numbers and in different designs. The tenders
used were mainly of the types 2‘2 ‚T 32 and 2‘2‘ T 34. Due to the war situation, simple modifications to the construction and
design were made. The side window of the driver’s cab was closed and the smoke-shields were removed. After the war, the locomotives were back to normal and were used as standard versions. After 1945 some of the locomotives continued to operate for the various European railway administrations. The locomotives were able to carry trains with a total load of 1200 t, -on steep ramps with 600 t. The steam locomotives, also known as the „Jumbo“ for their strong traction power, were used with great success in almost all of Germany and in many other European countries.
The locomotives reached a top speed of 80 km / h in forward gear and 50 km/h in reverse gear. Some of these already very powerful locomotives recorded yet another performance increase to 2100 hp (1546 kW) with the Deutsche Bundesbahn, when they were converted in 1955 to oil firing. The Deutsche Reichsbahn also converted locomotives to oil and coal dust firing.
The last locomotives of the DB were scrapped in 1977, when the era of the longest procured locomotive came to an end in 1981 inside DR. Several locomotives have been preserved in museums.

Steam locomotive serie 044 

The redesign of the year is taking shape. The steam locomotive series 44 (Art. Nr. 714401/714471, 714402/714472) has already successfully completed the pre-series at the toolmaking location in Gloggnitz (Ö).
After the elaborate construction - which we have already paid a visit to - we worked meticulously for several months. We can therefore present the pre-series images for the 44 series. The completely newly developed model shows the attention to detail and the technical know-how of FLEISCHMANN as a Gauge N manufacturer. Visually, the machine knows how to convince with countless, separately attached parts and free-standing cables. But the chassis with its filigree spoke wheels also invites you to inspect the locomotive enthusiastically.
Depending on the variant, the prototypical details such as the wind deflectors in different positions, the smoke chamber doors or the pump systems are convincing. As befits a new design, there is nothing left to be desired technically with a Next18 interface, LED lighting and the prototypical sound functions in the digital versions.

Most wanted!

The highlight locomotive of 2019 (article nr. 714401) is as popular as ever. It’s understandable as this eyecatcher offers several special characteristics such as DB Witte smoke deflectors in lower position, DB lamps, cut back running boards without front skirt, pumps in the back area, DB driver’s cab, middle drive axels with smaller wheel flanges, an unobstructed view between the boiler and chassis and a coal tender with an additional attachment for coal supply. These are convincing reasons to re-run the model in 2020 (article nr. 714405, 714475). To kill waiting time until delivery, we have a nice video of this beautiful lady for you!

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