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First samples: The pressure gas tank car

For many model railroaders, FLEISCHMANN has fulfilled a long-cherished wish announcing the complete redesign of the pressure gas tank wagon.
The wagons immediately stand out from the train group due to the wide-orange stripe in the center  of the tank. The loading and unloading takes place via devices that can be operated from the ground (bottom discharge). The wagons can be used in era IV in combination with the classic steam locomotives form the FLEISCHMANN range as well as in era VI with current locomotives.

The FLEISCHMANN model (art. nr. 849102, 849103, 849104, 849105) convinces with a filigree implementation of separately applied plug-in parts.  The model thus perfectly meets the requirements of a contemporary wagon model. Many different variants and an optimal running safety are guaranteed. The tank cars can be used in mixed trains, but block trains of gas tank wagons are more popular today and in the past.

Please note that the models in the pictures are unfinished samples.
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