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On the way with the SBB Cargo Vectron!

For quite some time now, the Vectron locomotives of the Swiss freight transportation company SBB have been adding some colour to the otherwise often dull freight transport.
When the first series was delivered, the locos of the series 193 were still painted in a loud red. The second series, which is currently being delivered by Siemens, is painted in blue. The idea behind the graphical design is the same for all the locomotives: transport through the Alps with the train.
Due to their design, the locomotives carry the project name „Alppiercer“. As it should be for real Swiss locomotives, the locos are named after cities or rivers. The company Railcolor Design is responsible for the graphical realisation of the entire fleet. But these locos are not only used in Switzerland, they also run regularly through Germany and up to the Netherlands.

The current FLEISCHMANN models (Art. No. 739310, 739390 and 739319, 739389) allow you to reproduce the current traffic with the Vectron locos in scale N. Of course, matching freight wagons are also part of our range (825211, 825006, 825025).
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