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Pre-series: Pressurized gas tank wagon

Pressurized gas tank wagons are special wagons for liquefied, refrigerated liquefied or dissolved gases. They are loaded and unloaded by means of equipment that can be controlled from the ground. The striking orange vertical stripe in the middle of the tank is about 30 cm high and is typical for European wagons.

For a long time, these wagons had been private wagons [P] managed by the national railway companies. Nowadays they are, in contrast to other types of wagons, owned by specialized wagon rental companies. The complex management comprises the maintenance, inspection, etc. of the rolling stock.
Tool construction for the N-scale model of the FLEISCHMANN wagon (Art. No.: 849102, 849103, 849104, 849105) is already well advanced. Therefore, we can already present the pre-series samples to you.

Like is usual for FLEISCHMANN, the model is distinguished by its delicate design. The undercarriage impresses with its free-standing wires and adjusting levers. The striking orange vertical stripes are not missing on the N-scale model and will catch the eye from afar on your model railway.

Please note that the photos show a pre-serial sample. Some of the moulds are not yet the final versions, not all the push-in accessories have been added, and the composition of the sample does not show a concrete version of a real-size model.
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