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Stake wagon under construction

In the early 1960s many railway administrations had a massive shortage of flat wagons. For this reason, railway administrations such as the Deutsche Bundesbahn, the Deutsche Reichsbahn or the Swiss Federal Railways acquired various stake wagons. These are still in use today by these state railways.

For a long time, an up to date reproduction of this standard freight wagon on a 1:160 scale was missing. FLEISCHMANN is now meeting this need with the implementation of this important freight wagon series (art. no 825730, 825731, 825733, 825734, 825735, 825736, 825737, 825738).

In this case, the type-specific details have been reproduced on a small scale in accordance with the prototype.
Separately attached plug-in parts mark out the new design for the N-scale market.

On our CAD drawings you can get a first impression of our new construction.

Please note that the pictures are CAD drawings, and therefore the assembly of the parts does not always show a specific model version.
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