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The UIC-X express train cars are taking shape!

More than 6,145 express train coaches of the German Federal Railroad are known as UIC-X coaches. They were put into service in 1952 and ran in D-trains and intercity traffic, in some cases even for half a century.

These coaches offered a level of comfort previously unknown in Europe. The UIC-X coaches were immediately put into high-quality express train service, and especially in foreign services as well as in transit and interzone traffic to West Berlin and the GDR, these coaches became soon the norm.
The existing F-train network (until 1956 with the first and second class, later fist class only) was quickly converted to UIC cars.

By the mid-1960s, this car design had practically replaced all pre-war cars from the express train service.
The conversion to the scale 1:160 (art. no.: 881908, 863920 - 863925) is a completely new construction. Beginning with different bogie versions, over different forms of the treads on the doors up to prototypical housing variants of the vehicle bodies.

In the FLEISCHMANN range, some completely newly developed bogie types of the Minden Deutz design appear for the first time in the MD330, MD361/362 and MD366 versions, with cardan or axle-driven generator, depending on the type. A prototypical buffer height is just as much a part of the implementation as a detailed car floor.

Please note that the model shown in the pictures is a pre-production sample. Parts of the molds have not yet been finalized, not all plug-in parts are available yet, and the composition of the sample does not show a concrete prototype version.
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