481806 - 3 piece IC set "Riemenschneider" (Set 1), DB

Railway company:    |
Epoch: IV   |
Gauge: H0   |
Elect. system: DC   |
EAN: 4005575191210
Replicas of two 1st class IC wagons type Avmz207 / Apmz122 and one restaurant wagon type WRmh132 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB). Epoch IV.

Model with interior design and in-plane applied windows. Livery and inscriptions true to the original. Close coupling mechanism. The wagons are equipped ready to install interior lighting and tail lights. Coupler pocket according to NEM 362 standards.

Prototype: A train every hour - for travellers in all classes ! With this slogan, the Deutsche Bundesbahn promoted the new InterCity network, which was introduced with the summer schedule in 1979. The new schedule offered instead of a 2-hour cycle, an hourly operation of four InterCity lines which were already introduced before with the "IC '71". This made not just the first class wagons but also the second class wagons an integral part in all trains. One of the first trains of the new IC network was the IC "Riemenschneider", which linked the Hansestadt Bremen with the Bavarian metropolis Munich (two-ways). Back in 1985, the IC network was extended from four to five lines, so already three trains run per hour/direction between Rhine / Ruhr and Rhine / Main. In short: the "IC '85" became the "IC '79".
Spare parts
General data
Interior lighting Article number
Interior fitting
Model with interior furnishing
Interior fitting
Interior lighting can be retrofitted
NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism
AC Wheel set Article number
Length over buffer
846 mm
Length scale

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