845321 - 2-piece set standard pocket wagon that carries a trailer from the company HUPAC

Railway company:    |
Epoch: VI   |
Gauge: N   |
Elect. system: DC   |
EAN: 4005575193108
2-piece set standard pocket wagons that carry trailers of the company HUPAC. Epoch VI. The trailers feature a delicate printing and launch the campaign for the "50 years Anniversary of the company HUPAC". Model with true to original livery and lettering. Coupler pocket according to NEM 355 standards and close coupling motion link. Prototype: On March 1 1967, the company HUPAC was founded by four Swiss transport companies together with the Swiss Federal Railways. The new company was one of the first cobined transport operators in Europe and started to provide transport services with only five cars on the lines between Basel and Melide in Ticino. Today, the company HUPAC operates an intermodal transport network throughout Europe with a vehicle fleet of 5,500 cars that even reach Russia and China. HUPAC still demonstrates the same innovative strength that has its roots in the needs of its customers.
Spare parts
General data
NEM shaft 355 with close coupling mechanism
Length over buffer
204 mm

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