740205 - Rail bus set class 795/995, DB

Railway company:    |
Epoch: IV   |
Gauge: N   |
Elect. system: DC   |
EAN: 4005575193566
Rail bus set class 795/995 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB). Epoch IV.

Model with integrated upper headlights.
Pre-installed interior lighting from factory.

Model in true to the original livery and lettering. In-plane applied windows. Motor with flywheel. Drive on two axles. Coupler pocket according to NEM 355 standards with close coupling motion link. White/red triple headlights that change with the direction of travel. Furnished model.

The red rail buses operated as "Rescuers of the branch lines" in the fifties. The FLEISCHMANN model is based on the single-motor rail bus VT 95 with the sidecar VB 142, which is shorter than the motor car. Today the DB still uses the VT 95 with the sidecar VB 142 as a museum vehicle. Since the sidecar had no equipment of the so-called driving trailer with driver’s cab, the rail bus could not not be used as a permanently coupled push pull train in 2-part operation and therefore always ran with "motor car ahead". So the motor car had to be changed in the destination station.
Spare parts
General data
Number of driven axles
Interior fitting
Model with interior furnishing
Interior fitting
Model with interior lighting
NEM shaft 355 with close coupling mechanism
Head light
Two direction dependent tail lights and dual headlights.
Length over buffer
153 mm

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Rail bus set class 795/995, DB
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