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10838 - Z21 pro LINK

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Z21 pro LINK

The configuring and networking of your Z21 hardware is getting even simpler and more convenient. In addition the Z21 pro Link also stands out thanks to easy operation and the ability to keep up to date with updates.

Configuration and networking of your Z21 components at a new level:
■ No complex CV tables
■ With integrated web server
■ Installed WiFi

The 3 essential functions

1. Configuring

The Z21 pro LINK always automatically detects which device it is currently connected to.

You can conveniently configure this device via the installed display and buttons without the need of any other components. Or you carry out the necessary adjustments via the Z21 pro LINK website on your PC or smartphone. Thus you benefit from the larger screen.

2. Updating

Always keep your Z21 system up to date and benefit permanently from all new functions.

You can perform this easily with the Z21 Updater App for iOS and Android or via PC with the Z21 Maintenance Tool.

3. Controlling

The Z21 pro LINK also networks all of your devices with zLink interface. It enables to perform communication with control commands and status queries directly via WiFi. Therewith the "Internet of Moba Things" has become reality.

Package Contents:
■ Z21 per LINK
■ Z21 zLink cable

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