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6178 - High-Speed turnout left hand

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High-Speed turnout left hand for manual operation.
Length 300 mm, branch angle 18°, frog angle 9.5°.

On the high-speed turnouts the power pick-up is enhanced by the 9.5° floating, current conducting frog. These turnouts – just as in the prototype – cannot be slipped through, otherwise a short circuit may occur. The turnouts must always be set in the right direction for the running vehicle. Because of their slim geometry, they lend themselves extremely well to the construction of the modern high-speed routes.

The curved track 6138 is used as the opposite curve for these turnouts.

The turnout are available for manual operation. Of course, the manual turnouts can be fitted with electric motors later. This turnout motor can be mounted above the baseboard surface, or even underneath the baseboard. It is then necessary to cut a hole in the baseboard to accommodate the turnout motor.
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