Z21® digital control System: For beginners and experts

The Z21® digital control system connects your model railway system, your digital locomotives and your wagons via WiFi to your tablet, smartphone or the Z21®-WiFi-MULTIMAUS®.
No additional networking knowledge is needed for this. You can extend your Z21® digital control system easily, due to the large number of interfaces. This also makes it the ideal basis for PC-based automation.

The Z21® is a complete Plug & Play Sytem consisting of:

  • Digital control centre Z21®
  • Z21®-App for control of all System components
  • Power supply
  • WiFi router
  • Upgrade for already existing digital layouts through downwards compatibility i. e. MULTIMAUS®, Lokmaus 2, multiMAUSpro etc.
  • Possibility to update software & sound of ZIMO-Sound-Decoders

The Z21® System - Overview

System operation with the MULTIMAUS®-System: The popular all-rounder

The MULTIMAUS® is a digital control system that allows you to control your trains, use the digital functions, switch points and signals and general programming. It gives you complete control over your layout. The clear design together with the simple operation makes the MULTIMAUS® the benchmark for digital model railway controllers, not just for beginners. Thanks to the illumi-nated display and large buttons, operation is clear and simple. The rotary knob also allows you to control your locomotives precisely. The snapping zero point provides feedback about the current controller position, without taking your eye off the system.

The programming with the WiFi-MULTIMAUS® is designed intuitively, so that even beginners can get to grips with the basic functions quickly. There is a multitude of extended functions available for digital experts, so that the driving behaviour of the locomotives can be laid out exactly as per the locomotive model (such as e.g. programming the CV-values per POM also by downloading using Railcom® and programming the CV mode).

These work perfectly together with the Z21®. This allows to quickly and easily install updates and function extensions.

System Operation with the Z21®-App: It has never been easier!

Just by optimizing and updating the already known and well-proven Z21®-App, you will discover many new functions and possibilities which will allow you to create and experience your digital model rail-way world even more exiting.

The Z21®-App allows you to create a detailed library of locomotives. Here you can easily add all locomotive-specifi c data, as well as main control information (such as e.g. locomotive address, speed levels, locomotive functions and maximum speed). In addition the Z21®-System also supports automatic synchronisation with multiple input devices (such as e.g. MULTIMAUS® and Z21®-App). This opens up the path to your locomotive and model railway enjoyment.


To make adding your models even easier and more convenient, the Z21®-App allows you direct access to the Roco/FLEISCHMANN locomotive database. Here you can simply enter the article number and automatically import all information, incl. model picture in your personal Z21®-App database.

The Z21®-App also makes it very easy for you to create a signal box to suit your model system, and takes into account all relevant accessories (such as e.g. platform occupied sensor, double-diamond crossings, light signals, etc.). Thanks to the integrated Drag-and-Drop function, as well as simple connection of docking of the points elements, even complex platform confi gurations are made easy.

The Z21®-App: Creating, administering and configuring

The Z21®-App also allows you CV-programming to optimize the running behaviour of your locomotives.

Models which are already equipped with a RailCom®-compatible decoder also allow innovative CV-programming using POM. This allows you to directly address the relevant decoder and read out live. The example is especially helpful when customising the locomotive driving characteristics (such as e.g. starting voltage, acceleration and braking behaviour, as well as the sound decoder volume). When doing so, the relevant characteristic curves can be automatically downloaded, evaluated and processed graphically.

A programming platform, as well as the constant repositioning of your locomotives is therefore unnecessary. With decoders or RailCom® of course you can always revert to traditional CV-programming, which the innovative program help also offers. A new feature for the CV programming is the direct display of the relevant bits, which is a particular help during complex programming, such as e.g. function mapping .

For further Information visit our homepage: Z21® Website.

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