FLEISCHMANN Track System with ballast bed in Gauge N

419 views  April 20, 2022

The FLEISCHMANN N track system also captivates with its realistic design, the prototypical wooden sleepers and the ballast bedding. The perfectly reproduced grained gravel and the irregular course of the ballast bed on the outer edges of the tracks, as well as the filigree engravings of the wooden sleeper imitations in contrast colours, contribute significantly to the attractiveness of the track system. The width and height of the ballast bed have been designed in a special manner, so when laying the tracks in the station area, you will achieve a smaller parallel track distance and the ballast bed is not getting in the way.

The basis of the track geometry of this track system is the straight "base" track 9101. Here, the points, standard, three-way, curved and double crossing points are also included in the track grid. Curved tracks with four radii, a flexible ballast track that allows you to create extremely large radii, standard, curved, three-way, double-crossing switches allow you to virtually build any desired track layout. Special and functional tracks, decoupling tracks, buffer stop tracks as well as level crossings and a variable compensation piece complete the track system.

By simply plugging in the electric drive, you can retrofit all the manual points to electric remote control. All points are designed as "thinking" points. Just a few simple steps and the traction current flows only in the direction in which the switch is placed. When delivered, all switches are "Continous conduct current switches" means, all track connections continousely conduct current. These "thinking" switches allow you to park locomotives or trains on passing sidings or sidings that do not need any wiring.

Here you can find the assortment of the N track with bedding