FLEISCHMANN Track System without ballast bed in Gauge N

271 views  April 20, 2022

The basis of every model railway layout is the tracks. For assembly and track extension, FLEISCHMANN offers you a comprehensive range of tracks in gauge N, which doesn't leave any of your model railway wishes unfulfilled. With tracks in different radii, standard turnouts, crossings and crossings for turnouts, the space-saving three-way turnouts and the slim model turnouts, your imagination knows no bounds. In addition, the flexible tracks allow you to build your individual track layout.
The track system is made of nickel silver for an optimum power transmission. The sleepers and tracks of this track system are rich on detailing.

Choose between two tracks: the extra flexible track (22200) allows you to build almost every curve. It is particularly suitable if you want to build curved layouts or transition bends. For long and straight distances, we recommend the somewhat more rigid Flex track (22201). Both tracks, with a length of 730 mm, are approximately seven times the length of the standard straight track 22203. For both flex tracks you need the matching rail connectors 22213.

The N-track system has turnouts with three different branch radii and angles and two different crossings. The electromagnetically operated turnouts are actuated by turnout drives that are automatically turned off after the travel. Burn-out of the coils is therefore excluded, should the switching current still continue to provide the drive with power.

All turnouts have rolled nickel-silver track profiles that are milled out exactly where the switch blades are located. The switch blades are also milled and thus allow trouble-free driving. All electrical switches are also set up for manual operation. To improve the flow of electricity in the switch frog pieces, all turnouts (except the crossings 22244 and 22245) are equipped with additional contact plates.

Convince yourself of the optimal price-performance ratio of the N-track system and have fun unlimited designing your individual railway layout.

Here you can find the assortment of the N track without bedding