How can I read the IP address and the subnetwork mask?

352 views  April 20, 2022

To read the IP address and the subnetwork mask, you can use a PC which is connected with the router. By pressing the Windows key, you can get into Windows search mode. By searching for C-M-D via the input prompt, you should easily be able to find the Windows CMD tool.

By entering “ipconfig” into the input prompt, you can retrieve the current network information. Here are two examples of network information which can be retrieved:

The IPv4 address mirrors the current PC IP address. The standard gateway mirrors the router IP address.

From this, it is possible to conclude that the router with the IP address already assigns a address in the subnetwork to all connected devices. In this example, the PC has obviously already been assigned the front door number 125 within this subnetwork. In this constellation, you can therefore use your Z21 system immediately, as it is located ex works in subnetwork 192.168.0.

In this example, you can see that the third part of the IP address (i.e. the “village”) differs from the previous example. The router assigns an address in the area, and the PC has already been assigned the “front door number” 125.

That means that you must either adapt the IP address of the Z21 system using the maintenance tool to the appropriate “village” change, or you must change the set router “village” accordingly.

WARNING: FLEISCHMANN shall bear no liability for changes which you carry out on your home network router. Any changes to the default settings may lead to loss of Internet function. Please contact your Internet provider or IT technician.