New Article Number System

New Article Number System


Why a new numbering system? 

As the existing article number system has reached the limits of the numbers still available, it becamenecessary to change to a new article number system.
With the new article number system, the different article number systems for ROCO (5-digit) and FLEISCHMANN (6-digit) will be unified.
Existing article numbers will be retained in full for both brands and will not be changed.

Sales article numbers

As the article number is also a tool of communication to our dealers and customers, we have tried to
develop a new article number system with logic based on the existing article numbers.
To standardize our brands and track sizes, the length was set to 7 digits.

In the following, the new article number system is explained using the rolling stock.

The article type is defined with the first two digits of the new article number system (locomotive, wagon,
accessories, etc.).
Digits 1 and 2 of the article number system

Gauge and design

The distinction between ROCO and FLEISCHMANN articles is no longer given by the length of the number. The distinguishing feature is defined with the 3rd digit of the new article number system.
Thus, the distinction from analogue to digital, but also the alternating current version, is only defined by
this one digit. This digit applies to locomotives, wagons as well as sets.

The next digits (4-7) are unique and ascending for each number range. An item number is defined by the
combination of prefix, gauge/version and supplementary digits.


Comparison of current article number and new article number using two ROCO electric locomotives.

Comparison of current item number and new item number using a FLEISCHMANN electric locomotive and
two steam locomotives.