Pre-series: Electric locomotive Re 6/6 of the SBB


With an hourly output of 7.850 kW and a top speed of 140 km/h, the Re 6/6, which was put into service for the first time in 1972, can still be counted among the strongest locomotives of Switzerland. The Re 6/6 are used for all kinds of purposes: in single traction, in multiple unit operation and, mainly in freight transport, with a Re 4/4 as a so-called Re 10/10 unit.

The complete new construction in scale N (Art. No.: 734120734190) will be produced exactly true to scale. The delicately engraved plastic housing impresses with its graceful details. The elaborate reproduction of the roof, with its delicate wires and pantographs, leaves nothing to be desired.

For the first time, the pantographs are only attached to the isolators. The reproduction of the bogies is delicate. Of course, all the differences due to the modifications that were done in the course of time are taken into account. For example, the lamps will authentically be reproduced in round and angular versions.

The variant with step and handle bar at the front will also be produced. As a small, but significant, detail, the rail guards are reproduced as a closed and an open version. The latter one has an opening for the coupler pocket. For display in a showcase, the headstock can be completed with delicate accessory parts.

The model is equipped with maintenance-free LED lamps that feature the authentic Swiss light change. A sound decoder in the digital versions provides numerous prototypical sounds.
In today's edition, we present the first version of the Re 6/6. Please note that the photos show the current status, not the final version.


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