The Caboose!

The Caboose

The Pwgs 41 baggage cars were built by the DRB in the 1940ies. The DRB resorted to principles known from the construction of passenger train baggage cars.

The cars that remained with the German Federal Railway after World War II were used in passenger trains as well as in freight trains.


Here we present our new pre-serial samples for the first time, which already look impressive!

The models (Art. No. 830150, 830151, 830152, 830157) are impressively true to scale and reproduce the significant differences on the roofs or at the doors of the baggage compartments of the different types of the wagons.

The separately attached handle bars at the car ends give the models their delicate appearance.


The steps that lead to the baggage compartments are separately attached as well and reproduce both the narrow and the wide version of the prototype. You can definitely look forward to these models!