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Pre-series: Electric locomotive Re 6/6 of the SBB
The complete new construction will be produced exactly true to scale. The elaborate reproduction of the roof, with its delicate wires and pantographs, leaves nothing to be desired.
Colourful grain silo wagons as eye-catchers
FLEISCHMANN is releasing completely new models of the grain silo wagon, which will be reproduced exactly in 1:160 scale (Art. No.: 830310/830312).
Switzerland celebrates 175 years of railroad
On March 09, 2022, the special locomotive has been solemnly showcased together with a sister locomotive of the freight subsidiary "SBB Cargo" at the SBB maintenance facility in Yverdon-les-Bains.
With a train to the plane
The FLEISCHMANN model of the FEX now brings the popular train to the home model railway layout!
Delivery: November & December 2021
Unfortunately, due to the current situation, only a limited delivery of the novelties is possible. Please take a look at the list and find out what else will be shipped this year.
In the Making: The Nightjet Taurus!
The work on the model of the Nightjet Taurus is currently in full swing! At the moment, the model is in the preparation phase. Of course, a lot of attention is paid to the correct positioning of the entire layout.
Soon on your layout
The popular vehicles with the blue Nightjet design are being extended. We are realising this model with all details and will deliver it to our specialized retailers in week 8.2022. All friends of Vectron models will also get their money's worth.
Winter News 2021/22 cancelled
The COVID-19 pandemic is once again giving us some challenges. The difficult procurement of goods and the worldwide transport problems are causing unforeseeable delivery delays.
Pre-series: Gbs 1500 freight wagon
FLEISCHMANN is releasing completely new models (ref. no. 826210, 826212, 826213, 826214) of this widespread freight car.
Dreaming of the holidays ...
Holidays as we know them originated in the time between the World Wars. Finally, a large part of the population could afford to go on holidays. The railway played an important role for this.
Watch out! You might end up with a "broken nose"
From 1976, the French National Railway ordered a total of 237 locomotives of the series BB 7200 for operation on the French D.C. network. The design of the locomotives with the so-called "nez cassé" (broken nose) was created by the Frenchman Paul Arzens, who was responsible for the design of several SNCF locomotives.
High-speed traffic in Germany
In 2021, FLEISCHMANN is focusing on the exciting topic of "Rapid transit through the ages".
OEBB Nightjet is also rolling in at ROCO & FLEISCHMANN
OEBB and Siemens Mobility presented the first painted car body and the exterior design for the new generation of Nightjets. Already
Shippingproblems with DHL
Unfortunately, there are currently massive problems with the delivery of parcels with DHL due to capacity problem.
There’s no stopping
Modelleisenbahn GmbH had a successful 2020. With a sales increase of over 4.5 million euros compared to 2019, this model railway producer has reached another milestone as a world market lead in the DC sector.
Time for Christmas wishes!
There are only six weeks left until Christmas, so it is time to help Santa Claus. Do you still need ideas for presents?
The class 139 in detail!
The class 139 (733102, 733172) was a multi-purpose loco and used for both freight and passenger services.
Pre-serial samples of our stake cars
Our N-gauge railroaders have been eagerly awaiting the complete redesign of the push-in/swinging stake wagons.
An IC for all cases
With the newly reissued IC coaches (art. no.: 861403, 861803, 861303) from FLEISCHMANN many different IC trains can be reproduced based on that layout.
The UIC-X express train cars are taking shape!
In the FLEISCHMANN range, some completely newly developed bogie types of the Minden Deutz design appear for the first time in the MD330, MD361/362 and MD366 versions, with cardan or axle-driven generator, depending on the type.
Stake wagon under construction
In the early 1960s many railway administrations had a massive shortage of flat wagons. For this reason, railway administrations such as the Deutsche Bundesbahn, the Deutsche Reichsbahn or the Swiss Federal Railways acquired various stake wagons.
One loco, many faces!
The model of the Diesel locomotive BR 218 (Art. No.: 724218, 724298) is presented in detail in a FLEISCHMANN YouTube video. But the real thing is always best!
Strikingly beautiful!
From 1969, the German Federal Railway established the D 1410/1411 as a rapid connection between Düsseldorf/Cologne and Munich. This was the first time that DB attempted to win over normal and business travelers to railway traffic all year round by offering particularly low fares compared to tourist traffic
Pre-series: Pressurized gas tank wagon
Tool construction for the N-scale model of the FLEISCHMANN pressurized gas tank wagon (Art. No.: 849102, 849103, 849104, 849105) is already well advanced. Therefore, we can already present the pre-series samples to you.
On the way with the SBB Cargo Vectron!
The current FLEISCHMANN models allow you to reproduce the current traffic with the Vectron locos in scale N. Of course, matching freight wagons are also part of our range.
Staged „ the gas turbine locomotive”
Long awaited by our customers the 210 003-0 is the first model (article nr. 724210, 724290) of the completely redesigned locomotive to arrive at our specialist dealers. It was particularly important to product management that the striking shape of the V160 family was also correctly implemented in 1:160.
First samples: The pressure gas tank car
For many model railroaders, FLEISCHMANN has fulfilled a long-cherished wish announcing the complete redesign of the pressure gas tank wagon. The wagons immediately stand out from the train group due to the wide-orange stripe in the center of the tank.
Toy Fair 2020
In 2020 FLEISCHMANN again presented its new innovations at the toy fair in Nuremberg. For those who are not part of it, there is again a trade fair video.
Z21 - simply digital!
We have wonderful news for you, because in 2020 we will be presenting a digital “Swiss Army Knife” that you can use to help you
Configure, update and control your model train layout very easily. Handling your digital model train components has never been easier!
Une dame forte approche!
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