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Watch out! You might end up with a "broken nose"

From 1976, the French National Railway ordered a total of 237 locomotives of the series BB 7200 for operation on the French D.C. network. The design of the locomotives with the so-called  "nez cassé" (broken nose) was created by the Frenchman Paul Arzens, who was responsible for the design of several SNCF locomotives.
At the same time, 205 dual-system locomotives of the series BB 22200 were built,  which could operate on the 1.5 kV D.C. network of the SNCF as well as on the 25 kV 50 Hz A.C. network.

The delicately engraved plastic housing of the models (Art. Nr.: 732135, 732205) boasts fine details and delicate separately attached handle bars and roof cables. It also features newly designed pantographs, with each of them mounted so as to match the original and the epoch. The mid-mounted motor with gyrating mass sits in a metal frame and ensures a powerful drive on all four axles. To optimize the tractive force, two wheels are equipped with traction tyres. The head light, which changes with the direction of travel, and the red tail lights are equipped with LEDs. In digital operation, the lights can be switched on and off separately. A sound decoder in the digital versions provides numerous prototypical sounds. These modelling masterpieces guarantee for limitless playing fun.
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