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Get them: - 50% on spare parts

FLEISCHMANN is clearing, to create space for something new! Be quick and don't miss the opportunity! FLEISCHMANN gives you a 50% discount on select spare parts that are older than 10 years and will not be produced again. Now, you can get your spare part bargains. Please note that the changed prices will only be available in the e-shop at the start of the campaign. The reliable and long lasting supply of spare parts will, of course, remain an essential part of our customer service. Therefore, this clearance sale only applies to items that are older than 10 years.

Click to see an overview of the spare parts on offer!

FLEISCHMANN spare parts for your model railway

Are you looking for a specific spare part for your model railway and you urgently need the replacement part sheet for one of your FLEISCHMANN models? Here you can find all spare parts for your models and products.

Use the simple search function on this page. Here you can easily retrieve all spare parts, put them directly into your shopping cart and simply pass on your order. Enter the spare part number or the precise description in the following search field. You can easily find also the appropriate spare parts sheets using this search function.

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Kupplungsdeichsel N - schwarz
1,95 €
Don’t have the requested spare part number at the moment? No problem: Just enter the model number of your model and all available spare parts sheets for your product will be shown (PDF format). Please use then the spare part number and start the search again.

IMPORTANT: Please enter old spare part numbers, which contain letters, - without hyphen.

In most cases it is also possible to search for the running number of your railway model. Please enter the running number in the search field exactly as you can read it on the model.

PLEASE NOTE: Can’t find the spare part sheet you are looking for in our archive (eg for an older model)? Then please use our contact form. The FLEISCHMANN service team is always happy to send the desired spare parts sheet to you and all model railway fans as quickly as possible.

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