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Dreaming of the holidays ...

Holidays as we know them originated in the time between the World Wars. Finally, a large part of the population could afford to go on holidays. The railway played an important role for this. After the Second World War, more and more Germans got caught by the travel bug every year. At first, supra-regional traffic flows developed, with long distance fast trains that crossed the borders of (West) Germany. Holidays at the sea, hiking or winter sports in the mountains, or a city trip. There were many ways to use the railway for a holiday journey. The names of famous trains are associated with this development, like the "Alpen-See-Express“, the "Christoforus-Express“ and many more.


The legendary TEE Diesel multiple unit series 601 was used for special tourism trains from 1980. The "Alpen-See-Express“ departed in Hamburg and Dortmund and reached popular tourist destinations in Southern Germany and Austria.

The finely detailed models (741005, 741085, 741006) feature a high-quality varnish and are printed with all inscriptions and logos. The motor with gyrating mass is mounted in a metal frame and ensures a forceful drive on two axles of a power car. To optimize the tractive force, the four driving wheels are equipped with traction tyres. Elastic corrugated bellows allow for a closed look that stays true to the original even in curves. All cars are equipped with interior lighting. The digital version features a loudspeaker in both power cars, which create a great sound experience that is true to the original.

Motorail train „Christoforus-Express“

From 1969, the German Federal Railway established the D 1410/1411 "Christoforus-Express“ as a rapid connection between Düsseldorf/Cologne and Munich. These trains became the backbone of the motorail train traffic in the 1790s.
This special train was also hauled by locomotives of the series 111 (734607). A locomotive with a suburban railway painting is a particular highlight.

All models of the express train cars (881911, 881912) are painted in the TEE design with a red skirt and a grey roof. The set 881912 contains a dining car. It is already prepared for easy retrofitting of an LED interior lighting. The flawlessly printed stand-in deck coach carriers (881913) with ocean blue painting complete this holiday train.
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