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665201 - Electrically operated turntable for 3-rail AC system

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Scartamento: H0   |
Sistema di alimentazione: AC   |
Electrically operated turntable for 3-rail AC system, with turntable control switch 6909.

The turntable is prototypically mounted in a recess and fitted with accurate details.
As delivered, there are 6 exit tracks and 4 over-run ends. The exit tracks can be unclipped and repositioned at an angle of 7,5° as desired, or extended
using the turntable extension set 665301 right up to the complete 48 exits.

Installation dimensions:
Required installation opening: 340 mm.
Installation depth measured from table top edge: 30 mm.
External diameter of the turntable with track connections: 465 mm.
Turntable bridge length: 310 mm.

Note: Control your turntables easily – with TURN-CONTROL, the electronic
turntable control device (item No. 6915).
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