535807 Boxcar "Oskar Kerstgens", K.P.E.V.

Boxcar "Oskar Kerstgens", K.P.E.V.

Discontinued, not available

Boxcar "Oskar Kerstgens" hired out to the Royal Prussian Railway Administration. Epoch I.

Finest spoked wheels. Doors that can be opened. Coupler pocket according to NEM 362 and close coupling mechanism.

Additional Information

General data
Coupling NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism
AC Wheel set Article number 6563
Original (country) Germany
Scale H0
Epoch I
Railway Company KPEV
Control DC Analog
Length over buffer 110 mm
Art. No.: Description Price:
00385006 Kupplungsdeichsel - schwarz 1,65 € Available
00534906 Achshalter - brueniert 1,30 € Available
00764106 Zugfeder D=2!2 L=38 mm W=50 2,75 € Available
12536100 Bremserhaus Gueterw. 535807 5,95 € Currently not available
19535801 Griffst.-Signalh.-Bremsk.-Trep 5,00 € Discontinued, limited quantity available
53414400 Speichenradsatz niedr. Spurkr. 5,00 € Discontinued, limited quantity available