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Are you missing a specific model to complete your FLEISCHMANN range? Then go ahead and contribute to the creation of a new model railway yourself!

Do you have ideas and precise concepts about what the new FLEISCHMANN model might look like and what features and functions it should have? Our product developers are looking forward to your support. Tell us more about your desired model. We will be happy to get your personal inputs on the model name, type or series, railway administration, epoch, gauge, control and much more. Also send us photo material of your desired FLEISCHMANN model. You can easily upload your pictures after clicking on the "Save" button.

Give support to our product developers when they create your specific new model, no matter whether it is a locomotive, a wagon or only an impulsive idea for our digital technology.

Please also let us know your e-mail address, so we can contact you directly if questions or ambiguities arise.

The FLEISCHMANN product developers will be happy to include your suggestions in their planning and development program. Please complete the following form as completely as possible! Many Thanks!

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