FLEISCHMANN model railways for generations 

Model trains are a beautiful hobby that brings generations together. It has been a special pleasure for FLEISCHMANN to light up countless children's eyes for nearly 130 years now and to fascinate adults with enormous attention to delicate detailing and precise technology.

The FLEISCHMANN locomotives and wagons combine technical sophistication with detailed depiction and high creativity. This perfect match of rich detailing and technology, which the FLEISCHMANN product developers constantly optimize and develop, is our secret and guarantees for the continued success of the FLEISCHMANN miniature railways.

Our philosophy

Tradition and passion

for your hobby!

FLEISCHMANN sets the highest quality standards in the model development. The sophisticated technology and the precise reproduction of the original locomotives and wagons are always in focus. With a long tradition and passion for your hobby, FLEISCHMANN is increasingly putting more emphasis on robust durability and enduring driving characteristics in order to steadily boost the play and fun factor of your model railway.

Great in detail and technology!

FLEISCHMANN offers both beginners and experts an inspiring hobby and also brings generations together. The true to the original models set new standards for all model railway fans and challenge their creativity. This enormous attention to detail is underlined by the highest reliability and functionality. FLEISCHMANN guarantees pure model railway fun and is characterized by a full range of products with unlimited possibilities, which is completely tailored to your specific needs.

Fascination in gauge N

FLEISCHMANN is the expert for steam locomotives, however, the company is also present with state-of-the-art model developments that shape the future of the international railway world.
Big in a small scale: With a full range of products in the nominal scale N, FLEISCHMANN is the international leader on the market. Many models are available in the space-saving gauge of 9 mm. With the constant and targeted expansion of products, FLEISCHMANN will continue to extend its leading position on the market also in the future.

The ultimate goal of every new development is to inspire model railway fans as well as collectors with outstanding models, and to further strengthen the position as market leader in the model railway sector gauge N.
"We want all model railway fans to enjoy the operation and collection of vehicles as much as we do in creating these extraordinary miniatures."


FLEISCHMANN combines sophisticated technology with a true to the original design to achieve robust durability and enduring driving characteristics of the entire model range.
FLEISCHMANN focuses on value and manual work and combines the highest quality standards with the precise and accurate work of experienced employees.
The mutual enthusiasm for model railways, the commitment to a high level of quality as well as a comprehensive range of services characterize FLEISCHMANN's special partnership with its customers and trading partners.
FLEISCHMANN has a special passion for railway models, from the planning and the development of the true to the original locomotives and wagons to the production and delivery of the robust and durable miniature models.

From tin toys to the model railway

As early as 1887, Jean Fleischmann founded a company that in the following decade started the production of a large variety of tin toys, such as ships, aircrafts and magnetic swimming animals. In 1910, the company even participated in the World's Fair in Brussels. The high quality of the toys at that time is underlined by the awarding of a gold medal.

In 1949, FLEISCHMANN was the first European manufacturer to launch a two-wire direct current model railway in Gauge 0. Three years later, the first Gauge H0 product line was launched, and is still market-leader.

A milestone for the future of the model railway is the state-of-the-art Z21 control center, which for the first time combines the virtual and real game worlds and takes the play value of the models to a whole new level.

The company has a global presence and is part of the Modelleisenbahn GmbH, a company of the Modelleisenbahn Holding GmbH, to which also belongs the Austrian manufacturer ROCO.

FLEISCHMANN sets the highest quality standards

For FLEISCHMANN, quality production plays a key role in the company. Strong values and manual work occupy important positions in the company. Only in this way can the delicately detailed, extremely reliable and outstanding functional miniature models be designed. The comprehensive FLEISCHMANN quality management with internally and externally applied quality assurance measures is constantly concerned that FLEISCHMANN locomotive and wagon owners receive the best possible quality and enjoy their models for a long time. So in this field FLEISCHMANN also is a pioneer in the model railway industry. For example, the FLEISCHMANN plant in Arad was the first factory in the model railway industry to be certified by the German DQS GmbH according to ISO 9001.

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Over 130 years of FLEISCHMANN toy history

Quality and joy of playing since 1887
"There really is such a thing as high end quality !" Hardly any other company than FFLEISCHMANN proves that this conclusion is more than true. In 1887 FLEISCHMANN was founded by Jean Fleischmann in Nuremberg, Germany. 

A company’s chronology in express train speed
Experience the chronological developments of the FLEISCHMANN toys and the company itself, from the producer of maritim tin toys to the innovation leader, in express-train speed.

1887 - 1910

  • Foundation of the company by Jean FLEISCHMANN. From the following decade, production of tin toys (ships, aeroplanes, magnetic swimming animals).

  • Participation in the World Exhibition in Brussels. The high quality of the toys is underlined by the award of a gold medal.


  • The production programme is constantly being expanded. In addition to two aircraft, including a model of the famous DO X and a metal construction kit series, numerous sand toys are added.

  • Steam engines and first model railways (takeover models of Doll & Co.). Parallel development of own true-to-the-original railway models in gauge 0.

1949 - 1952

  • FLEISCHMANN is the first European manufacturer to bring out a two-wire DC model railway in 0 gauge.

  • Introduction of the H0 gauge.


  • First electronics in the model railway. "Prima-Lux" makes trains shine. The car racing track "Rallye Monte Carlo" is added to the product range.

  • Successful start in N gauge ("piccolo") with an industrial locomotive and three tipping lorries.


  • World record: A FLEISCHMANN locomotive covers 2,299 km with its first engine in a show layout. The locomotive is still in working order today.

  • A new track system with a stable ballast bed, the Profi track, is introduced.

  • The FMZ multi-train control system is launched as the most modern computer technology of its time.


  • The digital multi-train control with TWIN technology inspires model railway enthusiasts.

  • FLEISCHMANN becomes a member of Modelleisenbahn Holding GmbH and together with Roco the successful sibling in the model railway scene.


  • Innovations: Z21 - model railway control like a train driver, smartRail - driving experience on the spot.

  • The new ICE class 407, the new flagship of German rail transport, is delivered in the exact scale 1:87.

  • The WLAN multiMAUS is an inexpensive addition to the Z21 model railway control system. Furthermore, additional digital components expand the range of the Z21 model railway control system. In 2016, the first factory is opened in Vietnam. There, mainly passenger and freight wagons are produced. This FLEISCHMANN factory is also being gradually expanded with the latest standards.

  • Delivery of the electric locomotive class E52, a top model with perfect detailing at the very highest level.

  • Release of the new Z21 app


  • Innovations such as the completely new design of the BR 515 battery-powered railcar or the 218 series will inspire visitors

  • In 2022, the Re 6/6 electric locomotive will roll onto the N-rail to mark the "175 years of railways in Switzerland" anniversary

  • 2022 also sees the redesign of the FLEISCHMANN logo

  • 2023 FLEISCHMANN celebrates its 55th anniversary with the model of the Class 01 express steam locomotive, among other things.


Gründung des Unternehmens, das sich in der Anfangsphase auf die Herstellung von Kunststofferzeugnissen, wie Sandkübel spezialisiert. Bald danach folgt die Produktion der ersten "Roco Minitanks" (Militärfahrzeuge diverser Streitkräfte).


Fertigung der ersten Modelleisenbahnen im Auftrag amerikanischer Firmen in Spur H0. Zudem werden die ersten H0-Güterwagen nach europäischen Vorbildern aus eigener Entwicklung produziert. Diese sind in Deutschland besonders erfolgreich aufgrund der hohen Detailtreue und des guten Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.


Werkzeugübernahme von Röwa und Neuauflage der Modelle, die sich durch besondere Detailtreue auszeichnen.


Produktion der ersten Roco Lokomotiven nach Vorbild der Deutschen Bahn (BR 110, BR 140).