845104 3-piece set: dump wagons type F-z 120, DB.

3-piece set: dump wagons type F-z 120, DB.

Discontinued, not available

3 piece set dump wagons type F-z 120 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Epoch IV.

This model has a black chassis !

The models are available with close coupling motion link and NEM 355 shaft.
The models feature different running numbers.

From 1951 on the DB bought approx. 4.000 tipping bucket wagons type Ommi 51 Epoch III (designated from Epoch IV on: F-z 120). They were mainly used in blocktrains for the transportation of heavy bulk goods such as sand, gravel or crushed stone. Every tipping bucket wagon had a cargo area of 22 m³ - which was not too much, compared to the UIC standard E-wagon that had even 36 m³. From the five tipping buckets which are tiltable to both sides, the load can be emptied directly into other containers. For this, the support bar is unlocked on the opposite side. The empty tipping bucket returns automatically to the center position. In the model the filigree design is reproduced authentically. The lower body frame is perforated and all struttings authentically reproduced. The tipping buckets which are loaded with crushed stones can be used separately.

Additional Information

General data
Coupling NEM shaft 355 with close coupling mechanism
Original (country) Germany
Scale N
Epoch IV
Railway Company DB
Control DC Analog
Length over buffer 168 mm
Art. No.: Description Price:
19806900 Muldenentriegelungen - rotbr. 8,80 € Currently not available
19807000 Handrad Muldenkw. - goldgelb 1,45 € Available
38805700 Deichsel Muldenkw. - schwarz 2,75 € Available
38901600 Standardkupplung N --! 89204 0,00 € Discontinued, not available
53711500 N-Radsatz, einseitig isoliert. 3,55 € Available
75710900 Puffer flach links - schwarz 1,30 € Available
75711000 Puffer gewoelbt rechts - schw. 1,30 € Available
76411900 ZUGFEDER 2!5x5!8x0!15 -! 86208 0,00 € Discontinued, not available