849109 Pressure gas tank wagon, PKP

Pressure gas tank wagon, PKP

Discontinued, not available

Pressure gas tank wagon type Zags hired out as a private wagon of the company "Orlen" to the Polish State Railways (PKP).

■ Sophisticated design with authentic lettering
■ Version with short sun protection roof

Pressurized gas tank wagons are special vehicles for liquefied, refrigerated or dissolved gases. The loading and unloading takes place via devices that can be operated from the ground (bottom discharge). The eye-catching, about 30 cm high, orange longitudinal stripes in the center of the tank is characteristic for the European wagons.

For a long time, these wagons operated exclusively as private wagons [P] and were hired by national railway authorities. In the meantime, in contrast to other types of wagons, they are owned by specialized wagon hire companies. The complex wagon fleet management includes maintenance, inspection and more.

Additional Information

General data
Coupling NEM shaft 355 with close coupling mechanism
Scale N
Epoch V
Railway Company PKP
Control DC Analog
Length over buffer 110 mm