6154 Electrically operated turntable

Electrically operated turntable




Electrically operated turntable and switchable track exits with nickel silver track. Length of the turning bridge: 183 mm. Suitable for PROFI track and other nickel silver track systems. With turntable switch 6910.

FLEISCHMANN has developed a H0 model based on a 16-metre turntable prototype. This turntable has the advantage that it does not require too much space, and therefore also fits onto small systems. In spite of this, locomotives with an axle spacing of up to 170 mm can be rotated, even though the length of the locomotives is in part substantially larger due to the buffers.

The turntable is a prototypical trench construction and features all the essential details in this realistic representation. The basic equipment for the turntable includes 6 exit tracks and 4 blank connectors. The exit tracks can be attached and reattached at an angle of 15° as required, and can be extended using turntable supplement set 6155 to a total of 24 track connections.

The “intelligent” turntable: The model turntable feeds the driving current into the system via the turntable bridge. When you select the turntable bridge side which should conduct the current using turntable switch 6910, then the turntable “thinks”. It only feeds the track with current which is connected with the selected side of the turntable bridge. Using this “intelligent” turntable, a locomotive can be de-energised and parked on a track, and at the same time a locomotive can be driven on the opposite track, which is connected to the turntable bridge.

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General data
Scale H0
rail profile height 2.5 mm
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Art. No.: Description Price:
00116154 Maschinenhaus kpl. 6154 13,60 € Discontinued, limited quantity available
00206154 TS - Geländer + Treppen 6154C 17,40 € Available
00507801 Kohlebürstenhalter N-Spur 0,90 € Available
00564702 Sicherungsring groß - ch.schw. 0,90 € Currently not available
00567607 Schnecke D=4 mm L=9 mm 1,65 € Available
00644202 Kondensator 1nF 100V quadratis 2,75 € Available
00656152 Platine kpl. f. TT-Drehscheibe 38,80 € Currently not available
00706210 Schraube GBS TT-Drehscheibe 0,90 € Available
00713506 ZK-Schraube B2,2x6,5 mm - brün 0,90 € Available
00714506 Linsenschraube +-Schl. TT-DS 0,90 € Available
00764311 Blattfeder TT-Drehscheibenbr. 0,90 € Available
01061541 Drehscheibenbrücke 6154C 61,30 € Available
05061521 Motor kpl. TT-Drehscheibe C 61,30 € Available
05061541 Antrieb Drehscheibe kpl. 6154C 149,00 € Available
111304 Schraube M2,2x6,5 mm Phil.Kr. 1,45 € Available
6518 Ersatz-Schleifkohlen mit Federn 5,90 € Available
6518 Spare brushes and springs 5,90 € Available