6660003 2-piece set: Dust silo wagon, VTG

2-piece set: Dust silo wagon, VTG




Wagon set with two dust silo wagons, type Uacs-x, of the VTG.

■ Model equipped with many separately applied plug-in parts partially perforated
■ Perfectly match block trains

The four-axle container wagons of the Uacs type are goods wagons designed for the transport of bulk and powdery goods. The wagons are subdivided according to the type of goods to be transported: While the Uacs-x are loaded with industrial goods such as coal dust, the Uacs-y are used for the transport of foodstuffs such as soda or flour. The large original variants feature a special epoxy resin interior coating and a pneumatic disaggregation device. Both types, the Uacs-x and the Uacs-y, have the same basic structure with type Y-25 Cs UIC bogies and a welded undercarriage. The wagons are loaded by means of filling covers on the container roof, which can be reached by catwalks. The wagons are emptied using a compressed air system.

Additional Information

General data
Coupling NEM shaft 355 with close coupling mechanism
Scale N
Epoch V-VI
Control DC Analog
Length over buffer 238 mm