845604 Heavy-duty flat wagon, DB

Heavy-duty flat wagon, DB



Currently not available

Heavy-duty flat wagon, type SSy, of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

■ True to origianl livery and lettering

The term heavy duty flat wagon is nowadays only known colloquially, as you can no longer find its equivalent in the international classification of goods wagons according to the UIC. It is a commonly used designation to describe a relatively short flat bogie wagon with a flat floor to carry heavy loads such as machinery, tanks or slabs.

Additional Information

General data
Coupling NEM shaft 355 without close coupling mechanism
Scale N
Epoch III
Railway Company DB
Control DC Analog
Length over buffer 68 mm
Art. No.: Description Price:
144125 Puffer Schwerlastw.N - schwarz 1,45 € Available
144126 DG-Blende Rlmp 700 N - schwarz 4,07 € Available
144127 Drehgestellzapfen N - schwarz 1,45 € Available
144213 Zurüstbeutel - Schwerlw.845602 4,07 € Available
53711500 N-Radsatz, einseitig isoliert. 3,55 € Available
66777710 N-Waggon Verp. A 109x35x23 mm 4,07 € Currently not available
98189 Kupplung N-Spur FLM - schwarz 2,75 € Available