863920 1st class express train coach, DB

1st class express train coach, DB

Discontinued, not available

1st class express train coach type A4üm of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB).

UIC-X coach - New Design 2020 !

■ Coach with separately applied plug-in parts. Model with true to original buffer height

More than 6.145 express train passenger coaches of the DDB are designated UIC X-coaches. The coaches were put into operation from 1952 on. Some of them were used in D trains for half a century and operated in the Intercity traffic. These coaches offered an unmatched comfort never seen in Europe before. The UIC-X coaches immediately entered the high-quality express train service and were mainly used for foreign services and the transit and inter-zone transportation to West Berlin. These coaches quickly became standard in the GDR. Very soon, the existing F-train network with its until 1956 first and second class service (but later only the first class service), was supplied with UIC coaches. By the mid-1960s, all pre-war coaches which still operated in the express train traffic were replaced by UIC coaches.

Additional Information

General data
Coupling NEM shaft 355 with close coupling mechanism
Interior fitting Model with interior furnishing
Original (country) Germany
Scale N
Epoch IV
Railway Company DB
Interior lighting Article number 946901
Interior lighting Retrofittable
Control DC Analog
Length over buffer 165 mm
Art. No.: Description Price:
00767010 Richtfeder 0!12 x 14 mm VP10 9,00 € Available
144400 Deichsel N - schwarz 2,75 € Available
146434 DG-Blende o.G.UIC-Wag.N - schw 3,55 € Currently not available
146435 DG-Blende m.G.UIC-Wag.N - schw 3,55 € Available
146436 Faltenbalg UIC-Wagen N - schw. 1,65 € Available
66777712 N-Waggon Verp. B 190x35x23 mm 4,07 € Available
96209 Radsatz m.Achsl. N -! 53711500 0,00 € Discontinued, not available
96297 VCI-Rostschutzfolie 160x200 mm 1,95 € Available
98189 Kupplung N-Spur FLM - schwarz 2,75 € Discontinued, limited quantity available