7170003 Steam locomotive 23 102, DB

Steam locomotive 23 102, DB




Novelty - (quarter III/2024)

Steam locomotive 23 102 of the German Federal Railway.


■ For the first time with Next18 interface and LED headlight
■ Epoch III design
■ Movable Heusinger control
■ With authentic sound functions

When the Federal Republic of Germany started to purchase new steam locomotives after the war, one of the designs submitted by four locomotive works was for the new class 23. Following the two standard locomotives of the same class from 1941, a decision was again made to use wheel arrangement 1’C1’, but with a contemporary welding construction.
The Henschel company in Kassel had already received the order to prepare the construction drawings in September 1949, and delivered the first series of 15 machines in 1950. In addition to heavy passenger and light express service, it was also used for freight transport. It was approved for 110 km/h and had a power output of 1,314 kW. Of the 105 locomotives produced until 1959, the 23 102 was one of the last steam locomotives to be put into service by the German Federal Railway.

Additional Information

General data
Coupling In-house produced coupling, NEM shaft 355 without close coupling mechanism
Minimum radius 192 mm
Flywheel yes
Traction tyres 2
Number of driven axles 2
Scale N
Epoch III
Railway Company DB
LED head light yes
Sound yes
Control 2L - Digital
Interface Electrical interface for traction units Next18
Digital decoder Next18
Length over buffer 134 mm