10797 Z21 multi LOOP

Z21 multi LOOP

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Z21 multi LOOP

The Z21 multi LOOP reverse loop module is ideal for the comfortable and safe operation of track layouts such as terminal loops, triangular junctions and turntables.

Operation modes:
■ short-circuit detection - easiest wiring
■ sensor tracks - short circuit free detection
■ switching contacts - detection via circuit tracks or reed contacts
■ combined operation - double safety

Compatible with
■ MM
■ RailCom
■ analogue mode

Note on sensor tracks / sections!
Since sensor tracks / sections are not themselves supplied with power, they must not be too long, especially with regard to short, slower locomotives. Ideally they should be between 4.0 and 5.5 cm long in H0 and 2.0 to 3.0 cm in N.

RailCom is a registered trademark of the Lenz Elektronik GmbH, Gießen.

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Scale for all scales
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96321 Steckerklemme RM3!5 2-pol.gruen 1,95 € Available
96428 Batteriedeckel WLAN-MM - schw. 2,75 € Available
96797 Steckerklemme RM3!5 8-pol.gruen 10,40 € Available