10807 Z21 dual BOOSTER

Z21 dual BOOSTER

for all scales


Currently not available

Z21 dual BOOSTER

■ Power 2x 3 A (track outputs)
■ Voltage can be set for both track outputs separately via app or PC via Z21 (12–24 V)
■ RailCom global detector (allows POM reading in the booster section)
■ Terminal loop feature can be separately configured by means of short-circuit detector
■ Brake generator feature can separately configured for both
■ Connections via CAN bus, B bus, CDE bus
■ Configuration and update simply by PC via CAN

Please note: The power adapter is not included.

RailCom is a registered trademark of Lenz Elektronik GmbH, Gießen.

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Scale for all scales
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Art. No.: Description Price:
96789 Steckerklemme RM3,5 3-pol.grün 4,07 € Available
96807 Steckerklemme RM3,5 4-pol.grün 7,00 € Available